old souls we found a new religion...

"Too tight?" he had asked and Katya had reassured him otherwise with a shake of her head and a coquettish smile that reached her dark eyes. Doe-like -- but not so innocent -- they stayed on Ken as she relaxed against the mattress. Her arms had been pulled back, above her head and secured in place. The bonds were a little too tight. It was not enough to hurt her, so she chalked it up to his excitement after all of her teasing; and she had been relentless. It was only silk, the fabric still felt soft and lush against her skin and she sighed dreamily against his mouth before returning his kiss.

Ken's jaw scratched hers. Perpetual, abrasive stubble lending itself to a welcome sensation that smarted against her cheeks and sparked something else within, a sudden pull behind her belly. It was usurped when Ken unbuttoned her nightshirt, exposing her to his scrutiny as he began to trail kisses over her flesh. Katya giggled at the trail of Ken's mouth, his descent tickling her skin, silencing herself by biting down on her lip, to steel against her own impatience. She bit down hard.

An internal heat set her skin to perspire. Anticipation rife, her head was beginning to ache. A dull, throbbing at her crown that she attributed to her angling neck, arched back as he loosed his hands on her. Her ears registered a low humming, enough to prickle the tiny hairs at the back of her neck, but the frequency was too low to cause her any real alarm and not when she was so easily distracted.

Ken was an attentive lover and had been from the start, but tonight, where Katya expected him to be gentler, Ken's strength startled her; a hand at her breast stealing a surprised cry from her lips. "Yes," she rasped, her words soothing the anxious crease in his brow. Katya's body seemed transfixed, caught in a juncture of pleasure and pain. It was new. It was different. And so far, she liked it.

He moved above her. Toying. Testing. Teasing. Ken coaxed out moans and all the noises that would have mortified her otherwise. Finally, he sank against her, legs parting to accomodate him, she held her breath, body poised to receive him. But instead of the earthly delight she was expecting, Katya felt an entirely different sensation. An internal schism.

Her body felt hot, the blood in her veins surging through like a live wire, but when she pulled against the silken bonds, her body rebuked her, falling down. Falling through. Ken's eyes grew wide in horror and he started backward. Yet, before Katya could even speak, a force she could not see had possessed him and his naked body had been thrown back. When she looked up, he was stuck to the ceiling and her voice filled the room with a high-pitched, blood-curdling scream that could wake the dead.

But not just the dead. Abruptly, Katya stopped screaming, a voice that was not unfamiliar to her suddenly loud in her head.

'Finally,' Kitty chided, though she offered little other assistance as her host lay paralysed, stuck in the mattress. How was this possible? Clocking the ceiling where her boyfriend was now caught, all she could do was stare up at him, face contorted in fear.

'Breathe, Katya. You're useless to us both if you don't hold it together,' But Kitty's words fell on deaf ears. It was too much, far too much to contend with and Katya lost consciousness.

In this body, Kitty's own powers were foreign to her. The link, of a mind to a body, the link that she relied on to activate intangibility had been compromised. It was blurry, sullied by Katya's consciousness getting in the way. Perhaps that was why they had been missing the first time she'd revealed herself to her host. But now they were hers. Finally. But there was still something wrong. Internally. In her gut. And it was not just the disgust at waking up to her body in this state of undress; with a man that wasn't her fiancee.

It was not the first time she had met Ken. And sure, he wasn't unattractive, but the thought that her body could be used without her knowledge sent her mind reeling. But who could really claim ownership over this form? Was it Kitty or Katya who had been born into it? Did this make her untrue to Peter when she wasn't even awake to it? The thoughts spiralled out so far and were so overwhelming that it was only when Ken fell to the floor that Kitty remembered herself. "Fuck you!" he cried before the fall and Kitty's eyes narrowed at his audacity.

"Excuse me!?" she spat back, appalled by his outburst. But Ken misunderstood, talking to her like she was Katya. Trying to console her. It set Kitty on edge and the anger ran deep, waking something that had been lying dormant and with a start, Kitty felt herself spring out of the bed. The silk ties were still knotted at both ends though she'd escaped them, and she grabbed hastily at one of the bed sheets, pulling it up to shield her modesty.

Kitty could not place why, but his face seemed to wear an expression that suggested he could see through the shirt and the thought made her grimace with revulsion. A sudden extention of arm and Kitty had pulled it too far back, using too much strength for the motion that it unblanced her, sending her backward, right through the bedroom wall.

There was a loud thump as she fell through to the floor, the force of it knocking the air out of her lungs. From the living room, her muffled voice called out to him as she scrambled to her feet. "Fuck you too, you pervert!" to be continued...